Service Information

First Contact

Please call and  ask any questions to determine if this service is right for you. You will be asked your name, contact information, and a small summary of why you want to come for counselling. You don’t have to explain everything right away.


At the first session all people will be asked a series of gentle questions aimed at developing a therapeutic impression of the person, their needs, and their presenting problem. Questions about family situation, personal history and general health will be included.

Best Practices

Choices about what type of therapy to do will be based on Best Practices or Evidence Based Practices. Client input is also important in this area. Certain therapy styles have been proven to be more/less effective for certain problems. The process of selecting the style of therapy will be done collaboratively and will be based on thorough knowledge of research and evidence.

Examples of Therapy Styles:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Brief Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Psychoanalytic Therapy
  • Gottman’s Couples Counselling
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Psycho-education
  • Insight Oriented Therapy


  • All Client’s at Parry Sound Counselling can trust that their information will be kept completely confidential.
  • Client appointments will be booked in a manner to avoid clients meeting as they come and go.
  • Client files will be stored according to Personal Health Information Privacy Standards

Communication With Other Services

Some clients receive services from more than one location and they wish for the services to communicate. For example, a person on an antidepressant may want their therapist and their doctor to talk. Clients will be asked to sign a formal consent to share information in this type of situation. When a consent hasn’t been signed, information will not be shared unless there is a life threatening circumstance that requires intervention.

Return to Services:

Client’s often attend therapy for a series of sessions and then take a break to test their new skills and perspective. Clients are always invited to return for another series or even for a booster session to help maintain their progress.


Therapy often involves ‘homework’ where you read, write, or think about things on your own. This can help you make bigger changes. Parry Sound Counselling provides free hand outs and can guide you through helpful homework activities.


Parry Sound Counselling is located at 92 James Street in the town of Parry Sound. Most clients will be expected to attend sessions at this location.   However, Parry Sound Counselling can do home visits when necessary. Please explain your needs/circumstances if you’d like home visits.

Cancellation/No show

Clients will be charged for a session if they have one booked and they do not show up for it. Also, clients will be charged for a session if they cancel short notice (24 Hours). If you’d like to reschedule your session please do so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.


Please feel free to call (705)716-0749 or email your questions to