Christian Clients

Christian Counselling!

Many people find that mainstream therapy misses the target when matters of faith aren’t included.

If you are looking for counselling that will help you cope with problems while  including your relationship with God, encouraging prayer, and reading the Bible then Parry Sound Counselling could be for you.  Sessions will address the therapy issue and also explore Christian values, emphasizing love, forgiveness and hope.

This service is not meant to replace your religious leaders (Pastor, Priest, Elders, etc).

If a client wishes to include these people in their therapy process that is always welcomed at Parry Sound Counselling. However, confidentiality is the priority and the involvement of others only occurs when the client asks for it.

All Denominations are welcome!

Please identify yourself as a Christian who is interested in including matters of faith in your therapy process. Please be ready to explain what is important to you when it comes to bringing matters of faith into therapy. Feel free to bring your Bible.